Wednesday, November 25, 2009

happy thanksgiving!

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Wishing everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, good food, and great times.

fabric flower garland

[[photo by our labor of love]]
Remember these beautiful fabric flower garlands from the FREE wedding? Well Ashley of Dolci Odille was kind enough to share a tutorial on Once Wed. So now you can make your very own miniature version. I'm so excited!! I've been eager to learn how to make these beauties for a long time.


[[via ashley of dolci odille]]
Now get to crafting!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

paper lanterns

I'd love to make a bunch of these to string around our house for the holidays. I think it would be fun to string them on a strand of christmas tree lights, or have garlands of them strung around the room. It's a perfect accessory to spruce up any party.

Instructions found here.

Friday, November 20, 2009

hot chocolate on a stick!

This holiday season, I'm going to try and make these. Homemade hot chocolate just sounds so delicious. and such a cute idea for a holiday party, or gifts, or for just because occasions.

.The how-to.
Happy melting!

happy weekend!

Tonight is the first Friday in a long long time that T hasn't had to work. So we're going to have a date night! Yay! The question is, where to go to eat?

and we signed the lease on the new house to rent, so we'll be moving December 1st! We have A LOT of packing to do, but I can't wait to move. I really feel like the nesting phase has hit me, hard. The little room is just calling my name to decorate for our little bud. and by the time we move, I'll only have 7 days until we find out the sex of baby!

This weekend:
-watch Away We Go
-pack pack pack

Enjoy the weekend! I can't believe next week is Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

if you like nine west footwear...

then go to NOW.

ALL (ALL!!!) nine west footwear is $14.95. Not sure for how long, but it's crazy good deals. There are shoes that are normally marked at $79 dollars for $14.95!

Happy Shopping!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Yesterday the hubs and I went to view a house we're interested in renting. It's soo cute! and the backyard is huge! with a fence and stone patio. It has 3 fairly small bedrooms and 2 baths. There is one room that I can totally envision as our baby room. It has an adorable built in wardrobe. I can imagine all the cute little baby cloths hanging inside. I've been a good little girl and haven't bought anything baby yet, but this new house has me itching to buy things. I'm trying to hold out until we find out the sex of our baby. Not because we want gender specific items, but because I feel like it will be more of a personal purchase once I know the sex of our wee one (maybe I'm just crazy).

The kitchen still doesn't have as much cabinet space as I'd like, so we need to come up with something creative. T has been browsing the ikea hack website, so hopefully we can build something that will provide extra cabinet space and counter space.

We'll be deciding in the next week, so send us good vibes!

happy veteran's day!

Thank you to all the men and women who serve our country (or have served our country). We're so thankful for your services!

and of course the day off from work is a nice added bonus :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

miss abby normal

We had our little pup spayed this past Friday so she's has had to wear the 'cone of shame'. and she has not liked it one bit! Even worse, she was scared of the velcro noise even more so taking it off was more torturous to her than wearing it. Well today her little incision site looks all better, so I have freed her of the cone. and she's one happy puppy!