Thursday, October 28, 2010

lemon drop party favor

Recently I organized a little "Dinner & Drinks with the Bachelorette" evening in Athens for this pretty lady who is getting married in two weeks!

When you google bachelorette party favors, the #1 result always has something to do with male parts. Well I wanted to make something a little classier than that...

So I came up with this little cocktail favor.

Small Glasses (we used these from IKEA)
Smirnoff Citrus, airplane bottles
Yellow Starbursts
Cellophane Wrap
Small party favor bags, clear
Divine Twine, black and white
Recipe tags (or any tags you want to add, we had a total of 3 - lemon wedge, recipe, and a thank you)

Simply put 1 airplane bottle of alcohol, some lemonheads (I pre-portioned some in the little favor bags since I couldn't find individually wrapped candies), and some starbursts in each glass. Then wrap in cellophane and tie with the twine. Then attach all the little tags and voila - a fun little cocktail favor.
They were a big hit!