Tuesday, April 19, 2011

it's a party!

This past Saturday, we had a little party for G's first birthday.

I didn't really have a theme, but I stuck with the same colors I used on the invitations. I made the streamers using this tutorial and I made the bunting and cupcake flags from paper I had on hand. The little robot cupcake molds were purchased on amazon.

T's parents helped out so much with cleaning and food preparation and my mom made the potato salad. We owe them HUGE thanks!

The balloons came from Shop Sweet Lulu. I had purchased two of their 36 inch balloons but didn't think ahead and realized that I might not be able to fit both into my car AND be able to drive. So I had them stop when I thought the first one was big enough (turns out it wasn't big enough and didn't float well). That one ended up on the mail box. I had them blow up the second balloon bigger than the first, but not 36 inches. Success! It floated just fine (so well that it ended up at the top of Kroger's ceiling. They were kind enough to fish it back down for me).

For food we served a variety of finger foods and cupcakes.

The one thing I would have done differently would be photos. After the party we realized we hardly had any pictures of G with family. So next time I'll know to designate someone to solely be in charge of taking pictures. It's hard to play host and photographer.

All in all, it was a great party, and we all had a great time celebrating G's first year.

♥ L

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