Thursday, September 11, 2008

buttons buttons buttons galore!!

The past two days have been filled with covering buttons for my napkin rings. Look at these beauties!! The addition of pale blue ribbon will be the perfect touch.

In addition to covering all 100 buttons, my fiance and I decided on our wedding photographer, Lisette Price. We couldn't be more excited!


emily said...

Oh my goodness!! I absolutely love them!! They turned out wonderful. I am so glad you linked to Once Wed or I'm afraid I might have never have found your lovely blog. I just added it to my reader, so I can stay up to date on your projects.

I live in Atlanta too. We should meet up for coffee sometime...


Logan said...

Thank you Emily!!

You've totally just made my day!! I love love love your website, and
for you to comment on my blog is unbelievable! It would be lovely to meet you for coffee.

You have such impeccable taste, and I can't wait to see all that's coming to your website.

Best wishes,