Friday, January 30, 2009

gocco: production part iii

Instead of fighting the gocco, I decided to work with the gocco. Since it would never burn my whole invitation fully (the words were to0 close to the edge), I decided to break my invitation into 3 different parts, which then turned into a 4-step printing process.

There are of couse things I would have done differently now that I have gocco'd the invites, but I'm still satisfied with the results. The main thing I learned was not to do a circle within a circle. It's nearly impossible to center it again unless you ink them at the same time (which if I had wanted to do that then I would have needed to make our logo a little bit smaller so that I could place blocking around the logo without covering the dots). And like the RSVP, I embossed the little blue dots.


emily said...

Logan! These turned out beautiful!!

ucmama said...

Those are really lovely! Good job!