Friday, March 6, 2009


Should I get a day of coordinator? Our guest count is looking to be around 70-80. My Mom is telling me NO, my fiance doesn't really think we need one, and me, well I just think we need one for my sanity. But then I'm still not sure. So for all those people out there, is it worth it? even with such a small wedding?


So this is my 4th weekend left until the wedding (it makes me sick to just think about it).

This weekend:
*make program covers
*make guest book cards
*go to michaels/joanns
*decide on day of coordinator
*pom pom
*write out time line for wedding day

I'm having a mini freak-out. Is there anything else I should be doing with 4 weeks left?


Jessica @ Mason Jar Bride said...

This is a tough one. If you are feeling stressed and you have $$ left over in your budget, it might be worth it to use a D.O.C. On the other hand, since your guest list is small, you might be fine with just making a good time line and then making sure that everyone in the wedding party (plus parents, etc.) has it memorized. If everyone's on the same page, things will just naturally work out. We're expecting about 80 guests as well, and we definitely won't have any leftover $$ to put toward a D.O.C. Instead, we're just going to have my fiance's cousin Lisa keep things rolling. She LOVES planning things and she's great at keeping track of little details and the big picture at the same time. And we'll probably end up paying her for her help. If you happen to have someone on your guest list who wants to take on this responsibility, it might be a good idea! Otherwise, just split up specific responsibilities among your bridesmaids and you should be just fine!! Good luck, I can't wait to see how everything turns out!!

ucmama said...

YES! put "calm down" on your list :)