Wednesday, March 18, 2009

share the love

So I saw this in a MS Magazine a long time ago and thought it might be fun to incorporate it into our wedding. We'll be talking to our officient about it tomorrow.

"We tied our wedding rings together with a ribbon and asked our guests to pass our rings among them before the ceremony started, so everyone touched our rings before we put them on." ~ Sadie, married in Tuscany, Italy

So most of you might be familiar with palmona's nest and her lovely text bowls. Well since I was taking a pottery class, I made my own version of a ring bowl using a small rubber stamp set I purchased from michaels. I'm thinking we'll tie our rings in the bowl and have our guests pass the bowl to share the love.
Now I just need to come up with a cute saying for this part of the wedding and to maybe help explain why I'm doing it. Any help would be appreciated. and I can't decide if I like 'love' better or 'amor'. What do you guys think?

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Hayley said...

what about "amour = love"?