Friday, February 13, 2009

tag, i'm it.

I've been tagged by Lauren of Vintage Victuals - a lovely blog with amazing recipes. Definitely visit this blog if you're feeling the urge to cook - you won't be disappointed.

7 random/interesting facts about myself:
1. I was adopted from South Korea when I was 7 months old.
2. I was President of Math Club when we won the lip sync competition for the first time {of course, beating all the greek organizations}.
3. I used to have a huge obsession with Pilot Precise Extra Fine tip pens. They were the only pens I would write with on a daily basis.
[[image found here]]
4. I know how to knit and crochet, but I only do it seasonally.
5. I could probably eat mac n' cheese everyday of my life and be perfectly content.
6. I hate when people don't use their signals when driving, but I especially hate it even more when people use the left lane of traffic (not HWY) to speed ahead of everyone else stuck in traffic in the right lane and then expect to be let back over into the right lane. Erg!
7. I wish I were more girly sometimes. I don't wear make-up on a regular basis, heck I don't even know how to put on make-up, and I usually am always in a pair of comfy jeans and solid cotton shirts.

I'm tagging:
true grits - a great friend of mine who inspires me everyday with her stories of motherhood and just life in general
Lisette Price - our photographer

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