Sunday, February 22, 2009

wedding bands

We finally got our wedding bands back from the engraver.
T is really excited about his ring. He can't wait to wear it!


Celes said...

Those turned out very nice!

Fall Wedding Bride said...

How exciting. They turned out lovely! Me and the fiance aren't getting ours engraved.. We like them how they are.. :)

I just started my own wedding blog about a week ago, I hope you check it out!

Laura said...

Yay! I bet you can't wait to put it on :)

Lisette Price Photography said...

I love these! I'm surprised you two didn't engrave Tim's ring with "Put me back on" like the one I told you about. They turned out nicely!

Logan said...

Thank ya'll!

Lisette, we thought about getting that engraved, but in the end decided on something shorter. I still laugh though every time I hear that...such a great phrase!